Corporate Seasonal Stress Disorder. And a Solution.

How many of you are seasonably stuck within this dilemma? 

You work for a small, medium, large or ginormous organization. The “winter holidays” are rapidly approaching and you have yet to select an inoffensive messaging device for your tribe, flock, client-base, evangelists, etc. In addition, the firm’s newly tweaked mission statement chants the recently launched commitment to the color green–and not just money folks, the wasting of our natural resources–and more specifically, PAPER! (yikes!)

This, my friend is a multi-pronged problem (insert pitchfork visual) and you are knee-deep at the intersecting crossroads of career expansion and massive failure. Turn right (or perhaps left), and you are on the “Gold Watch Path,” eventually ending with the executive receiving-line of hearty handshakes–as you ride off into the golden sunset of retirement life. Veer off in the wrong direction, and you will be perpetually combing LinkedIn–desperately hoping for a reboot.

Christopher Harting enters the boardroom.

My friend and creative cohort, Christopher Harting offers a wonderful solution to this widening quagmire of doom–the Minute-Movie.

Within a few short hours, photographer/videographer, Mr. Harting, has meticulously strolled through your offices, camera in hand, and captured your brand’s true essence of wonderful people, engaged in wonderful projects, wishing everyone in your intertwined network of human contacts–a happy and joyous new year!

And you didn’t even endanger one tree, bush, or shrubbery!

Contact Mr. Harting–before it is too late! (insert photo of disheveled person wearing pajamas, sitting in front of LinkedIn job postings).

CONTENT (the marketing term and why it needs help)

Lately, I have been kept awake at night, considering the word CONTENT–as it applies to business success generation (marketing). There are many times, when used without a descriptor, CONTENT begins to sound like either polyester pillow stuffing, or the foam insulation that is blown into attics. Here are 3 sketches that may at some point, find there way into a CONTENT MARKETING presentation.

Ahoy! A Free, "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" Gift

In honor of today being–“International Talk Like a Pirate Day,” I am offering a free download of my e-book, “Tweeting Blackbeard: 10 Swashbuckling Business Tips From The World’s Greatest Pirate”.

Download! Hey, it's FREE!

Download! Hey, it's FREE!

I wrote the book with my eldest son, Foster, now a freshman at Elon University. Yes, in its original form, it was a term paper about buccaneer Edward Teach, commonly known as Blackbeard. The two of us, worked together and converted an “A” paper into this fast-paced and easily digested business e-book. Perhaps, this is a form of pirating but Foster and I prefer to think of ourselves as privateers.

Just for fun, I ran the last paragraph through the official, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Pirate Translator.

Here goes.

The pirate speaks, I wrote t' book with me eldest son, Foster, now a freshman at Elon University. Aye, in its original form, it was a term paper about buccaneer Edward Teach, commonly known as Blackbeard. T' two o' us, worked together and converted an “A” paper into this smartly-paced and easily digested business book. Perhaps, this be a form o' piratin' but Foster and I prefer t' think o' ourselves as privateers.

Enjoy! – Doug.

Doug Eymer

Doug Eymer


Book-Support By eBook

I just got my hands on David Meerman Scott’s, soon-to-be business book blockbuster, “The New Rules of Sales and Service: How to use agile selling, real-time customer engagement, big data, content, and storytelling to grow your business”. As I am sure that you are aware, David is a marketing genius, great client and friend–and that we have spent almost a two decades working together.

I had nothing to do with the book design. That was taken care of by the talented folks at John Wiley & Sons, the book’s publisher.

I did, however, design David’s latest eBook: “Agile, Real-Time Customer Service”–as a precursor to the release of the new hardcover book. 

ebook cover

ebook cover

For those of you in the business of sales and service (aren’t we all selling something?)–I highly recommend downloading the ebook [click here]. 

After quickly ingesting the appetizing content, I am almost positive your cursor will walk on over and order the book. Better yet, call your local bookstore and have them order a few copies.–Enjoy!