Since 1989.


We were first Introduced as Eymer Design in 1989, and spent the 1990’s as a full-service, online/offline marketing communications firm.


In 2000, we were purchased by PARTNERS+simons and transformed into Eymer Design Laboratories @ PARTNERS+simons, the graphic design and online communications wing of New England’s largest privately owned marketing communications firm.


In 2004, we regained our independence and set up shop in Cohasset, MA, twenty miles south of our former World Headquarters. The re-tooled firm, eymer, offers the same balanced, right brain | left brain thought and consideration that has turned heads for the past two decades.

At this instant, we are designing and delivering vital communications materials to world-class law firms, cutting-edge high tech companies, ecommerce pioneers -- as well as companies that are striving to make this world a better place.

How we work.

We intentionally work for a variety clients–within many different markets.

  • Because we use the same problem-solving, creative approach for all of our clients, we offer innovative and fresh ideas to each individual project.
  • In other words, we are NOT continually reaching into the same old bag of tricks.
  • With that said, because everyone involved with EYMER is a seasoned master (20+ years of experience and the gray hairs to prove it), we waste no time in bringing solid solutions to the boardroom.
  • We love young people and have the offspring to prove it. However, for our projects–we use time-tested experts.
  • Our creativity is demonstrated in our thinking NOT in our business practices.
  • For project management, billing and day-to-day communications–we operate in a professional and organized manner. After all, no one, likes surprises!
  • As for our work, we work on ‘one-off’ assignments, as well as a series of projects.
  • In many cases, our long-term client relationships begin with one project, which leads the way to a long-term, multi-year commitment.
  • Some examples are Andover Newton Theological School, ATG (Art Techology Group), and law firm, Sullivan & Worcester

What we do.

  • Corporate Marks & Corporate ID Systems
  • Product Branding & Packaging
  • Printed Marketing Pieces
  • Websites & Online Campaigns
  • Trade Show & Exhibit Displays
  • Quirky Projects (that others are hesitant to touch)

We want to hear
about your great project!

We would welcome the opportunity to chat. Please give us a call at 781.383.8844 or drop us an email at

As always, phone, fax + email lines are open 24 hours a day | 7 days a week. 

Thank for the visit!

We look forward to working with you!